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Peregrination: A Journey to Wellness
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Growing up in the inner cities of LA, Sonny does everything he can not to fall victim of inner city nihilism, where gangs and drugs plague the community. Being raised in a dysfunctional home, filled with abuse, a father on drugs, and no stability, Sonny leaves home at an early age – on a journey to find himself, seeking alchemy.


Just as he imagined, Sonny accomplished many of his childhood goals – becoming a professional athlete in multi-sports, graduating from college with 2 degrees, working side by side with surgeons, and serving his country as a U.S. soldier.


The journey wouldn’t be a journey without the roadblocks, and he runs into many - homelessness, joblessness, hopelessness, the loss of loved ones and friends, and doses of depression. Would he ever make it? Would he be the man his family would be proud of? Would he be the father his children needed? Would he be the man God intended him to be?


A story of faith, favor, and fortitude…

Book Cover for  Sonny Spilled the Beans.
Sonny Spilled the Beans: The Health Benefits of Adding Some Spice to Your Life

In Sonny Spilled the Beans: The Health Benefits of Adding Some Spice to Your Life, Sonny Weathersby shares the health benefits of adding a diverse range of spices and herbs to your diet. In this culinary reference book, Weathersby focuses on anti-inflammatory spices, anti-inflammatory super seeds, seasonings, herbs, and a few secret ingredients. With dynamic photographs that capture the essence of the featured spices and herbs, this book also includes possible meal options and flavor pairings for each of the ingredients. Sonny Spilled the Beans was written to inspire the health-conscious rookies and veterans to live healthier lifestyles – one spice and one herb at a time.

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